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Re: contact us

by ste313 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:17 pm

hi i have currently started a social network for ufologists world wide, we are currently getting around 20,000 page views or there about according to google analytics, we are uk based but 50% are traffic is from the united states, we have an area of our website to promote and recommend other sites to our community. i was wondering if you would like to form a partnership were we promote you on our website and to our community and you promote us to yours. after all we are working in simmilar fields.. i look forward to your response find me at ... 98ltyrvmit we look forward to your reply.

Re: contact us

by Paxovasa » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:47 pm

I am not worried about you changing it.

Re: contact us

by falkor » Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:04 am

Patrick is absolutely right, I agree with him totally

a 14 day ban has now been imposed on one of our members

not because we want to punish them and ridicule them

but because we want them to come back to the site

....come back to the site and behave in a friendly, calm and civilised manner

ALL MEMBERS! please read our rules ;)

Re: contact us

by mj12cz » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:21 am

Ok Merlyn as you know you have been warned about your behaviour.

1) You have continually gone off topic to plug your anti government stance.

2) Whilst I accept your anti government stance you are constantly ramming it down our throats.

3) If you do not like what people are saying you jump all over them.

4) This has nothing to do with how many degrees or weather you are an intelligent, you will not be given special treatment.

This site was designed to allow people to say what they feel about UFO'logy and the paranormal with out fear of having to explain their thoughts and feelings, with out fear of being laughed at or made a fool of. Not for people to be jumped on because you do not agree with them.

A few of your posts have been interesting and you are welcome back in 14 days, but have been warned.

As for deleting your account, I hit the wrong button, but i'm sure you can live with that as you have registared.

Re: contact us

by merlyn » Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:58 pm

hello fellow seeeker
please explain why you kicked me off site
i been through my pages and cannot find any rule breaking
anyway i am new and should be instructed rather than brutally dismissed
is it my anti government stance. well you started that at the beginning of the flu topic.
i am an intelligent and enthusiastic person and never mean to be rude
i employ humour because it is fun
i enjoy the threads though i feel that most replies lack any substance but thats ok
each to their own
i try to stimulate debate and fresh ways of looking att life
i am an aquarian after all
any way let me know the score
yours in humble anticipation merlyn
if you put me back on can i have my picture back i liked it very much
best wishes merlyn the confused

Re: contact us

by mj12cz » Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:27 pm

contact us

by falkor » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:45 am