UFO over Southampton?

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Re: UFO over Southampton?

by DarkKnight » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:55 am

Welcome to the site Ator.

Interesting sighting you have had and the picture is good but a little blocky on close up which makes it hard for me to figure out what this is.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: UFO over Southampton?

by Ator » Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:04 pm

haha thanks, the full video has our reactions with my brother in law going on about 'nukes'! but unfortunately this was the only part the orb appears. strangely when I was a kid my family experienced ball lightening which I was too scared to look at so this makes up for it. i try to be logical but the area I live in I'm sure was a spiritual centre in ancient times with a stream running through a valley which is the only place in Southampton like it and we are surrounded by the built-up subburbs, even today a lot of the woods are left and a gypsy community lives here to this day, no-one notices this stuff.
the one overall impression from this and seeing crop circles in Avesbury is to factor in time into the message, we're living in times of change and that's what it's all about the times we live in. this is an amazing time to be around I'm sure of it
it helps to have some reference point and I'm glad I'm over 30, I feel as if something big is about to kick off and we are waiting, this is another sign of it happenning (there are bad signs as well as the good ones)
for the most part I keep these ideas to myself at the moment... I'm not free to speculate just yet!

Re: UFO over Southampton?

by mj12cz » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:53 pm

Excellent, the Vid is not helping however you are convinced which convinces me more and more.

With Vidoes, the mint crisp clear ones are usually fakes, they are just too good, the blurred messy images are usually real and they are on the spur of the moment snaps.

Now you will have a clear image of this in your brain, how about drawing the object it may prover a better way of bringing it to life.

Have you checked the local papers to see if anything else has been reported? some times you get lots of people seeing the same thing.

Don't beat your self up about not having the answer. I have been looking into these for some 20 odd years since I saw one and still have very little answers. What i can tell you is you saw a UFO... what that UFO is is a question we cannot answer!

BTW welcome to the unexplained club! :mrgreen:

Re: UFO over Southampton?

by Ator » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:27 pm


OK so I admit not the greatest clip but a few points to make:
1. We watched this for a full 30 seconds to a minute and it moved in a very smooth and predictable way, like an aircraft
2. didn't reduce in brightness, lose noticable height or make any noise
3. if it was a firework 'firing' at each end it would have to be in perfect balance to move like this for so long
4. it was spinning fast enough to appear as an orb
5. how could a parachute be attached to a spinning object?
6. the 'bar' is glowing which seems to be rotating about all axis

Maybe you could argue it was some kind of firework, at this point I am :br:

Re: UFO over Southampton?

by Ator » Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:42 pm

I have an update - my quick thinking sister also took a mobile video which we got onto the laptop (and found a viewer that will play it) this morning and we were disappointed not to see the object (aka UFO) but it does capture the drama of the moment... so anyway I get home tonight and watching more closely it's there for about a second!

I'm going to put it on youtube and hope someone cleverer than me can slow-mo it to a crawl so everyone can get a good look
come on guys someone must know how to do it, I can send the file to anyone who has the knowhow

one thing it does confirm - it was spinning. I knew it had to be because we saw a round object that was flickering which is what you'd expect when something is spinning fast like a propeller

I'm off now to upload to youtube and try and get some stills to post here

no way is this a firework 8-) 8-) 8-)


Re: UFO over Southampton?

by mj12cz » Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:01 am

Yeah, they do look like flares, to be fair it would have stood out as a fire work. They tend to sway from side to side as well and are very bright.

The photo is very interesting, I would class this as a UFO as at the moment it cannot be ID'd

You say it was an orb, the photo shows more a crescent shape. Bit like what binned its self at Roswell. :geek:

Re: UFO over Southampton?

by Ator » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:56 pm

Hey mj12 thanks.. can't take the credit for the photo though (sister)
well, yes it was fireworks night and that is what the lower object is for sure. you can just see the top of the fence posts, the moon was off to the right

It certainly couldn't have been an ordinary firework!
I will try and do some digging on parachute types.. it never changed it's brightness the whole time which was about 30 seconds and seemed a bit high up
for that and moving swiftly. wind was about 20mph. didn't seem to be descending. I'd imagine them to look like flares. What we saw was an orb so I beleive it would have to be spinning to appear like this

that's all I've got at the moment :?


Re: UFO over Southampton?

by mj12cz » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:13 pm

Hi Ator, Welcome to the site... Great Photo by the way.

Please don't be offended but can I ask a question or two?

1) There is no way it could be a firework (one of them on a parachute?) I have to ask sorry!!

2) What is the thing at the bottom of the photo?

If you ask me it looks like one I have seen recently on the net, but I cannot find it for some reason.

UFO over Southampton?

by Ator » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:52 pm

Last night I'm sure I saw a UFO but I'm not letting myself get too excited... what do you all think???

We were enjoying a bonfire when I looked up and saw a red ball that 'flickered' moving steadily across the night sky
All of us thought it was very unusual and luckily my sister took a picture that I think came out ok, although it was a ball that we saw:



Should I be excited?
I've been waiting a loooong time...
thanks - Ator