After Disclosure

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After Disclosure

Post by Thulsadoom » Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:56 pm

Has anybody else read this?

A.D. After Disclosure

It's a fascinating book discussing what could happen if and when governments finally revealed (well, if their hands were forced) the truth about UFOs and possible aliens. It's written by one of the top guys who has pieced together several books of all the most major reports throughout the decades (Richard Dolan), and the other author is Bryce Zabel who is a devotee of UFO and Alien subject matter who also created the fictional series Dark Skies many years ago (one of my favourites) that attempted to give the subject a serious and realistic tone, albeit through semi-fictional characters and situations.

The great thing I love about the book, is that within all the discussion of what could happen, is essentially a potted history of the best cases throughout the decades that should make even the worst sceptic at least take pause (Well, okay, some sceptics could be abducted, have it all on film, and be given their own spaceship and alien pet as proof, and still wouldn't believe but you know what I mean). ;-)

Excellent book, and well worth reading.

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