Genesis - Reflections [DVD] [2006] [NTSC]

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Genesis - Reflections [DVD] [2006] [NTSC]

Post by falkor »

B000GY73S2The DVD is pretty good, but feels to me like somebody set out to do a quality DVD on GENESIS from DAY 1

They got all the material they wanted to use ready and began laying it down on the DVD

After a couple of weeks they got bored, fed up, found they had run out of time - so just stopped

Instead of finishing the DVD, (which is pretty awesome) they left it half way through :oooeerr: and put out a BOOK, this is how it comes over to me

But the BOOK is hi quality stuff alright, packed with awesome photos and interviews from band members/ Melody Maker - providing you with a major insight into the early days of Genesis, well worth reading for sure.
I really bought the set for the DVD which to me, stopped way way too soon :oooeerr: but look at the price, it's virtually a give away
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Re: Genesis - Reflections [DVD] [2006] [NTSC]

Post by glowglow »

Wow this book really sounds fantastic!
Looking forward to reading it!
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