UFO's sighting Oxford 11/12/2014


UFO's sighting Oxford 11/12/2014

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Hi All,

Bored at work so have decided to post what i saw.(never done this before)

At around 2AM on 09/12/2014 I was struggling to sleep so went outside for a cig. I was looking at the stars when i saw what looked like a star slowly moving north to south with no strob lights. My immediate thought was Satellite, then I noticed a much smaller light (probably higher) also moving the same direction and same speed, quite odd i thought.

At this time i was facing North and needed to take a few steps forward to enable me to look south (corner of house blocking view) Across the sky all going in the same direction and same speed there was about 20-25 of these lights different widths apart and different heights.

At a glance to any1 you would have thought star they were stars especially the smaller ones.

Any ideas what i saw? :)