Weird lights?

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Don T.
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Weird lights?

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Hi all,
I used to believe in UFO's and space aliens, but lately I guess I just haven't thought much about it. I moved to Germany from the United States about a year ago and I guess there are just less believers here. Anyway, about an hour ago, a few friends and I were stargazing when we saw these bright lights in the sky. They were arranged in a triangle kind of shape, although they started to kind of shift around for a little. They seemed to jump around a bit, and they were really bizarre. Some people told me they were probably satellites or planes, but I've been doing amateur astronomy for over thirty years now, and I know what a satellite looks like. These lights were nothing like I've ever seen before. My friend took a quick video segment of them, I'm new to these forums so if anyone can tell me how I can post it and show you that would be great. I'm just looking for information, have any of you seen anything like this before?

Thanks everyone,
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Re: Weird lights?

Post by mj12cz »

Hi Don, welcome to the site, your best bet is to put it on you tube or a simular site and post a link.

The lights in the sky are a regular thing, who know whats floating around up there.

The triangular shapes seen are oftern called "Aurora" which is a black ops US project, in reality the project is called Aurora the Craft Astra. However I spoke with John Lear and he said the Triangular craft is Probably something known as the "Pumpkinseed" or TR3-B.
Its a real mine filed of confusing information, and to be fair we really have no idea what is going on. I think our best guess is probably the best we can do.

Do pop a link on, I would be interested to see it.
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