Numerous North East England sightings from archive


Numerous North East England sightings from archive

Post by mortoon » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:53 am

The Evening Chronicle UK have made a collection of North East reported sightings from their archives. RT

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Re: Numerous North East England sightings from archive

Post by falkor » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:55 pm

here's 1 at random (from that)
December, 1968: A walker claimed an alien craft had crashed alongside the Roman Wall, near Haltwhistle.

A man saw a silvery disc hurtle to earth and nosedive into the marshes roughly 12 miles away to the north.

He said he later trekked to the spot and found the disc sticking half out of a bog. He reckoned it was at least 100ft in diameter and it resembled a huge spinning top.

Noticing a doorway, he entered and saw a mass of equipment and flashing lights. He jumped out as the craft began to sink further and he watched it until only two feet of the craft remained above ground.

A representative of the Air Ministry, whose job it was to investigate reports like this, called Haltwhistle Police Station and asked them to interview the man.

He later retracted his claim to have been inside the craft or to have seen the crash site at all but still insisted he saw the strange, flying object come down to earth.
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that is one of the best :P

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