Captured Alien Pictures

Genuine info on aliens please!
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Re: Captured Alien Pictures

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mj12cz wrote:I for one do not care if it real or fake, the whole BM story is great because it simply brought the UFO thing alive to hundreds of thousands of people. And even if they are fake, some of the photos are nothing short of Brilliant. That is to make them look so real with out the aid of CGI etc...
You consider lies and fabrications acceptable because they bring something, which itself could be a total pile of nonsense, to the conscious awareness of hundreds of thousands or millions of people, mj12cz! Are you for real? Lies are evil, people spend time chasing and defending lies - what a waste of life.
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Re: Captured Alien Pictures

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Gees Amy, you are missing the point totally, we are being lied to constantly about the whole UFO thing. Does it really matter if 30 years ago so guy put out a Hoax, there were thousands of fakes and hoaxes the only thing BM did was bring the whole UFO thing to the public eye.

Lies are not evil, sometimes we lie to protect the people we live be it right or wrong.

Its what’s behind the lie that’s where the Evil is.

And yes in this case I do consider the lies fabrications acceptable, simply because he was not hurting anyone, He never told anyone to believe him he leaves it up to you to believe him or not.