My Friend From the UFO

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My Friend From the UFO

Post by koit »

Hi All

I've been busy of late and have made a nice new animation all about UFO's.

Aliens are real. UFO's are real.

I thought I'd include many UFOlogy references for you all to find. :)


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Re: My Friend From the UFO

Post by DazSavage »

Nice... er...
But what if I did a comical song about slavery?
la la la, de de de
brown skinned people in chains working for free all day long
la la la, de de de

You'd have to question how seriously I took that subject.

There are very many people for whom abduction is not a pleasing event and it often has neurological issues attached to it that can only be described in terms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome... and frankly as someone who has experience of these events I feel ridiculed by your video...
...well I would if I cared what anybody thought these days, but seriously how do we get people to come out of the woodwork and admit to their own experiences if we have already set them up for ridicule by 'ass-jokes'?
Do I look like I'm making this up?
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