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sea skimmer
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News from the UK papers

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Published January 27, 2020

REPORTS of UFO sightings received by a now-defunct unit of the RAF are to be disclosed.

Tales of strange encounters were previously passed on to The National Archives and often only made public years later.

But the most recent ones are to be put online.

The RAF wound up the unit in 2009 after concluding that, in more than 50 years, no report had revealed a potential threat.

Sightings by the public are now directed to police. ‘The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra terrestrial life and does not investigate UFO reports,’ a spokesman said.

A clearance process will be carried out before the documents appear but they are expected to be made available in the next two months.
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Re: News from the UK papers

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no report had revealed a potential threat.
actually that is the first time I have even considered that

of all the UFO sightings that we have discussed on here, none have revealed a potential threat.
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