shape shifting and ghosts?

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Re: shape shifting and ghosts?

Post by DarkKnight » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:53 pm

Creepy stories allright ! :shock:

I remember that episode of Strange But True.

Micheal Aspel was good as the host.
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Re: shape shifting and ghosts?

Post by monkeynuts » Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:47 am

Background: Im a Security officer and I have at this paticular site for just under 5 years. It is a very large modern buliding built about 18 years ago, some of it goes down 3 storeys down under the ground. It is bulit in a historic part of the town, the area underneath it covering Anglo-Saxon and Medieval settlement, the town plague pit and burial grounds :o In fact they had to remove hundreds of human skeletons and bones during archaelogical digs before the building works.

My Stories.

I was showing a new guy around on one of the late night patrols around the corridors. We came to a part that always gave me the shivers as it was the part of the property that was part of a cemetry. I was telling some ghost stories to the new guy, 'as you do' to get them wound up. We came to this paticular corridor and I laughingly shouted out 'if theres anybody here do something to show youre here' and at that a ceiling light at the far end of the corridor blew and went out-I will admit we both ran as quick as our legs could carry us

Me and a workmate had to go up to the roof to lock up a plantroom late at night. We came to the top of the stairwell and as we were going up we both heard laughing and footsteps outside on the roof. I booted the door open and there was nobody there. Its impossible that somneone could have got up there as its a 4 story climb up the outside and the internal door to the roof was alarmed. When we were coming down we heard it again. I later did some research and found out that part of the building was on the site of an old hotel.

I was patrolling the corridors alone late at night and I came to a part of the building that in that area I know they used to burn the witches in medieval times- ive since researched it, anyway normally I have no problem walking down there but this paticular night I definitley felt someone or something else was there with me. I cant explain the feeling, like a feeling of doom or sadness.

Once again down on the lower levels and Ive heard whispering when I couldnt see anybody there.

Ive seen Orbs at night in the building-cant explain them.I think its probably trick of the light but I cant be sure

Workmates Stories.

The guy who told me this was the most sceptical guy I know. Very down to earth and I truely believe him.
He was patrolling the area from my first story when he saw a black shape at the end of the corridor, he shouted to challenge and it appread to run so he gave chase and saw it again at the end of the next corridor,agin he chased it and it dissapeard through a brickwall.

Another guy I worked claimed to have seen a 'pair of legs' above him in a corridor, like walking along a unseen floor but cut cut off above the knee at the ceiling.


We have had 2 Ghost investigations by Paranormal groups. Neither found anything but one of the sensed the dead around the plauge pit area- But that could easily been found out through research.

I do believe there are strange goings on in that building,afterall ive seen it and sensed it myself. To be honest it doesnt worry me too much now after getting used to it. They have never hurt me. I will sometimes talk out allowed asking them to do something. We have had lads scared to do patrols because of the fear and have to go with someone else :lol:. We had 2 big bodybuilder type lads work for us and they wouldnt go down to the lower levels without someone with them from being scared by some banging noises one night where they both ran for it :twisted:

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Re:Dorset shape shifting and ghosts?

Post by wonder universe » Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:47 pm

Yes those stories were great of yours monkeynuts, yes sure was DK Michael Aspel was good on hosting such programs on Tv.

In Poole My Home town is quite spooky mainly down the old high streets, one story about a pub The half conjurers Crown in which the legend goes that a family had bricked up their disfigured Daughter in a wall, about a century and half ago mind You a lot longer ago than that, several punters had reported cries being heard coming from that very wall, further reading in a book called Haunted Dorset, naturally! its amazing how ghosts tend to go back centuries but I do think spirits imprint in buildings or areas where they were, there was a dig back in the early seventies, where once called old orchard building stands which has been recently converted into flats and shops, not sure if there has been reports of anything odd so Watch this space! :)

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Re: shape shifting and ghosts? Tutankhamen's curse ?

Post by wonder universe » Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:28 am

Hi all Happy new year !

I was watching a DVD the other evening back the science behind Tutankhamen's curse was good, was examining the deaths of lord Canarivan and workers involved in excavation, also the removal of Tutankhamen's mummified body, which Howard Carter had to forcefully removed from the final coffin base as Tuts body had been rigidly stuck due to the rushed mummification preparation, which his remains were embedded into the resins in the bottom half of final coffin Carter had snapped Tuts neck in to, was a highly sacreligious act, but what happened to Canarivan was the strange part, being bitten on the same cheek by insect as Tut himself.

there was performed also a CT scan of Tutankhamen's body which quite bizarre too, a lorry trailer was driven to the valley of the kings with the CT on board, so Dr Zari hawass and his team carefully moved the boy kings body on a wooden tray on to bed like part of the scanner, the tray body had been placed on in 1968 when back then when a team had first x ray-ed Tutankhamen which an English scientist had conducted, the weird bit is when they came run the first scan, as his skull appeared on the monitor, weird lights or flashes showed on the screen, but that part was explained which was the radiation of x rays that remained in the wooden tray since 1968, and then the computer control crashed, what caused it was by air condition unit to the computer, or was it ? I remember reading an article in early 1980's about a film in production in 1978 which Starred Tom Baker, the director said that they were filming in a tomb near by Valley of the Kings, when all the production lights went out at once, so is it possible when the dead are disturbed bizarre things can happen ?

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