2011 huge UFO conference in OZ, March 18-20

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2011 huge UFO conference in OZ, March 18-20

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VENUE > http://www.wycliffe.com.au/

Peter Khoury's abduction is said to be the first with DNA-tested biological evidence after a blonde hair was recovered in the aftermath, the Daily Telegraph reported.

He will be among the speakers invited to the three-day event at well-known UFO hotspot Wycliffe Well.

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park will host the much-anticipated conference from March 18-20 next year, and its owner and organiser Arc Van der Zalm said people would not be disappointed with the calibre of speakers.

He said the conference would not just be about listening to speakers - there would breakfasts and barbecues, stargazing, day trips to tourist hot spots and marquees of displays and literature.

The area's history is steeped in UFO sightings.

Wycliffe Well is about an 11-hour drive from Darwin, and three-day passes to the conference cost 130 dollars and single-day tickets 50 dollars
By: BillOn: 11 Nov 2010 7:12 pm
Hey, i don't have to pay $130 for the 3 day pass to listen to knuckleheads because the Aliens come to my place to communicate. As a matter of fact you should pay me all the gate takings to tell you about the aliens (if that's what you really want) because as far as I know I am the only person in the Southern Hemisphere they will deal with. Anyhow you probably have a meatball between the ears no alien worth their little grey bodies would waste their time with. Just answer these questions. What...


By: EricOn: 11 Nov 2010 12:15 pm
I look forward to seeing the evidence, but I am also realistic
full article here :P
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