Amazing footage captures 'UFO' hovering above Cheltenham

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Amazing footage captures 'UFO' hovering above Cheltenham

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A KEEN-eyed star gazer has posted a video of an unexplained flying object over Cheltenham.
thisisGloucestershire 3 FEB 2011
The YouTube video was picked up by the website as an example of a UFO sighting that is not a hoax.

It is not known which area of the town it was seen above.

A Cheltenham resident, known as numb3rtv, said the object was completely silent and seemed to change colour from blue to yellow to red.

The resident said: "It was a crisp, clear, very cold night and we saw three or four lights which seemed brighter than the other stars.

"If you looked closer you could make out a few coloured lights, which seemed to be flashing and some of them were moving slowly across the sky, inconsistently. At about midnight we drove up to the masts, which is the highest point in the area and with no city light distraction – we saw over 100 of these.

"All a variety of colours and some moving differently or just disappearing."

The two minutes of video footage can be seen by visiting and searching for "UFO Cheltenham January".
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