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UFO Investigator Started in Bethlehem

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(John T Royer, photo by Mary Royer)
In an interview with The Morning Call, Patch reader John T. Royer explains how twice he saw a big, black rectangular object in the sky, at night, that blocked out the stars.

One of those objects, Royer says, appeared over his home in Bethlehem in 1977.

Those experiences got him interested in UFOs, and his research led him to become a volunteer field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, called MUFON.

Royer, 65, retired as a drafting instructor from Lincoln Technical Institute, and is a graduate of Lafayette College. Now living in Emmaus, he investigates dozens of sightings throughout the Lehigh Valley, most of which, he says, are mistakes.

Royer makes no judgment about what he or others think the saw, but in the interview he says, 'I believe there is something flying around out there that we don’t know about.'

Read the complete story in The Morning Call.

It's a 42-year-old international group of enthusiasts who investigate sightings, compile statistical summaries— there were 14 UFO reports in Pennsylvania in June, for example — and pressure the government to be more forthcoming about what it knows regarding the phenomenon.

"Many reports are mistakes," Royer acknowledges, leafing through the dozens of sightings he has investigated across the Lehigh Valley and beyond in the past couple of years. "Some of them are idiots trying to play a game. Some are drunks. Some are people on drugs."

Some, though, are sincere — and often frightened — regular folk who have witnessed something strange and want the relief or reassurance that comes from sharing the story.

A few examples: A witness in York County saw a boomerang-shaped mass of green lights flying south over the borough. A Shimersville resident watched a red light bobbing in the sky. And a man in Emmaus had virtually the same experience as Royer, watching a dark triangle move above Chestnut Street and disappear beyond South Mountain.

Royer, 65, a retired Lincoln Technical Institute instructor, makes no firm judgment about any of these sightings — not even his own. He knows he saw something, but he can't say what. M O R E
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