Keeping Schtum!

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Keeping Schtum!

Post by Lex »

Hi all!

I thought that my first posted thread on this site may interest any Roswell-hungry members.
It is an article by the 'Roswellian Officionado' Anthony Bragalia , and concerns the apparent reluctance of some old soldiers to admit that they were serving at the base in question at the time!...Despite service records showing that they were!.... ... etend.html

I find it a strangely revealing aspect of the 'What Really Came Down On The Foster Ranch That Night' question!
In as much as that after 65 years , these old guys are still taking their oath of secrecy serious!...Or perhaps could even be that the fear of retribution that was so firmly instilled into their psyche all those years ago, ..still has a grip on old ex-servicemen!?...Who knows?...But I will say that IMO, Anthony was out of order in his final summary. The part in which he vents his frustrations toward the old boys by casting doubt on their Honour,in retribution for their lack of compliance!...Anthony cannot possibly know the real reasons for the soldiers reluctance to 'spill the beans'!....This is the part that imo he should have omitted from his article....


Service to your country can be characterized as either “honorable” or as dishonorable. Those veterans who have come forward (or who were “found” and were forthcoming) about their knowledge of the Roswell Incident are to be commended. History and Truth will honor them. Those such as Robert and Albert who would even deny their time in service to their country because of what happened during that time and at that place are not “honorable” men. The future will not view them with favor.

What do you guys think to the article ...and Anthony's 'attack' on the old guy's honour?

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Re: Keeping Schtum!

Post by falkor »

Lex you have started this topic in the UFO SIGHTINGS forum, are you placing a report of a UFO that you saw yourself?

do you know what the UFO SIGHTINGS area is for? please read here the strict parameters for material in that area

meanwhile I am moving your topic to BASEMENT while we can confirm that you yourself personally saw something

please ONLY PLACE personally witnessed material in UFO SIGHTINGS, then we know what kind of material is where :bookW: thanking you
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