UFO Denbigh in North Wales

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UFO Denbigh in North Wales

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An ordinary family - they contacted me because they knew I would listen to them , look at their footage , not laugh or ridicule them and take them seriously. I have done my best to investigate a little further , with follow up vids on YT. This is no. 1 which I took on being invited into the home for first time.
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Re: UFO Denbigh in North Wales

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PJG you have started this topic in the UFO SIGHTINGS forum

do you know what the UFO SIGHTINGS area is for? please read here the strict parameters for material in that area

meanwhile I am moving your topic to BASEMENT while we can confirm that you yourself personally saw this UFO stream

please ONLY PLACE personally witnessed material in UFO SIGHTINGS, then we know what kind of material is where :bookW: thanking you
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