Is this from Mars?

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Is this from Mars?

Post by rob42 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:59 pm

"Experts" believe so. This baseball-sized rock is estimated to be 2 billion years old. Named "Black Beauty" it's among the 65 or so that have been found on Earth so far. The story doesn't go into any detail about how "they" know that this (or any of them) is/are from Mars, I suppose we have to just trust them.

It's also reported to contain ten times the amount of water and far more oxygen than any other Martian sample found on earth, fueling my doubt that it IS from the Red Planet. Why would would it be that different if it's from the same place :?

All the same, it's a lovely looking specimen.

Designated Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034, and nicknamed "Black Beauty," the Martian meteorite. (Image from

I found this story at...

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Re: Is this from Mars?

Post by falkor » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:01 pm

Around 65 Martian meteorites have been found on our planet. They fell on earth after a large asteroid impact. One of the oldest found, Allan Hills 84001, is more than 4 billion years old, some experts believe it contains traces of ancient bacteria. About half a dozen Martian meteorites are 1.3 billion years old and the rest are 600 million years or younger
Yeah that is very interesting and a rock "contains" water? I don't know about containing ten times the amount of water and far more oxygen than any other Martian sample - I wouldn't have known a rock COULD contain water OR oxygen! :blotto:

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