Sleep problems could jeopardise future missions to Mars

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Sleep problems could jeopardise future missions to Mars

Post by falkor » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:05 pm The simulation involved six crew members: three Russians, two Europeans and one Chinese volunteer.

For much of the time, the men had only limited contact with the outside world. Their spaceship had no windows, and the protocols demanded their communications endured a similar time lag to that encountered by real messages as they travel the vast distance between Earth and Mars.

Nearly 100 different experiments were carried out to assess the impact of the journey on the men, and it is only now that the first results are emerging.

The sleep experiment is among the first to show what each crew member went through during their simulated mission.

The researchers found that one crew member lost his natural day/night rhythm completely. Instead of a 24-hour cycle, he slipped into a 25-hour day so after 12 days he was completely out of sync with his fellow crew mates. It was the middle of the night for him while his colleagues were working on the mission.

"You can imagine that that would be good during a real Mars mission when there are mission critical tasks planned during the day," said Prof Basner.

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Re: Sleep problems could jeopardise future missions to Mars

Post by dave3974 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:34 pm

there is not just sleep , there is muscle loss , radiation , mental health the problems to overcome are incredible

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