Hey all

What are you? Butcher? Baker? or Candlestick Maker?
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sea skimmer
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Hey all

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Been interested in UFO's for a long time now. Never seen one but would very much like to and/or find out for real whether we all just have overactive imaginations or if there really is anything out there(hard to believe there isn't).
My mum and her neighbours once saw something strange in the 50's which as she told me "Was a orange to yellow orb hovering over a water tower." some quarter of a mile from where she used to live.
That water tower is now flats and i always look up at it if i drive by wondering if that 'orb' could have been something from other than from here.

I live a few miles from an airport and film a lot of planes and helicopters in the day and night. But still looking for that strange something.
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Re: Hey all

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welcome Sea Skimmer, been a while since we had anybody new on here
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