Flying Green Whale or UFO?

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Flying Green Whale or UFO?

Post by 1963 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:50 pm

Flying Green Whale or UFO?
Hi all!

I just came across this article about a "Green UFO" that was witnessed by two independent witnesses, (one of them a state trooper) falling into a lake in Connecticut... ... oper-says/

I think that the smart money would be on a meteor of some description...but surely a meteor wouldn't just drop into the lake?...I would have thought that a meteor would have plunged into the lake at a phenomenal speed and at a pronounced angle?...Also, I thought the witness description of "being the size of a whale" a strange metaphor ?...perhaps this object might be worthy of further investigation by frogmen ..or dredging if possible. After all , meteors are well prized in the scientific community .(specially a whale sized meteor)...and who knows...what else a thorough search could turn up?


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